New SIV investment guidelines come into effect

The recently announced changes to the significant investor visa programme came into force on Jul 1, 2015. The Australian Federal Government introduced the
Significant Investor and Premium Investor Visas as part of their Business and Innovation programme, designed to encourage foreign investment in Australia.
The 188 SIV is issued for a period of 4 years and provides high net worth individuals and their families a path to obtaining permanent residency in Australia by investing $5 million into complying investments.

The recent changes to the programme are intended to encourage investment in the fast growing company sector that drives economic growth.

New SIV applicants will be required to invest at least $5 million in complying investments, which must now include:
  1. At least $500,000 and up to $3.5 million in eligible Australian funds investing in start-up and small private companies;
    2 At least $1.5 million in eligible managed funds or Listed Investment Companies (LICs) that invest in emerging companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX); and
    3 A ‘balancing investment’ of up to $3 million in managed funds or LICs that invest in eligible assets that include other ASX listed companies, eligible corporate bonds or notes, annuities and real property (subject to a 10% limit on residential real estate).

Complying Investments
This new investment framework focuses on growth company investing that requires additional specialised investment expertise beyond that which applied under the previous guidelines.
Investments for the first component must be made into a registered ESVCLP or VCLP* and the investment manager must be an independent Australian based firm with an Australian financial services licence;
Investments in the second and third components must be in complying funds where cash can comprise a maximum of 20% of the fund’s net assets and derivatives may only be used for risk management.
Investments must be carefully managed to ensure that at all times they remain compliant with the requirements of the programme.

The new investment guidelines mean that SIV applicants should carefully consider the expertise and track record of managers to ensure it is appropriate for these new requirements. Nextec is a specialist provider of compliant early-stage investment solutions.
The Nextec team have been active participants in the early stage company sector for over 20 years as investors, operational entrepreneurs and corporate advisors specialising in mergers and acquisitions, growth strategies and capital raising in Australia, South East Asia and the USA

The Nextec Growth fund provides investors with an opportunity to invest in companies with high capital growth potential. The fund focusses primarily on enterprises with market traction, a strong management team and a large, differentiated market opportunity. The fund builds on the track record of the existing principals of Nextec in sourcing, investing and exiting such investments.

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