Top 10 predictions for technology in 2015

IDC has just released their report looking at the Technology space with their assessment of the main trends for 2015.

The report provides a detailed assessment of the main growth drivers in the ICT market, being Big Data, cloud, social, and mobility, which IDC refer to collectively as the 3rd Platform.

“There is an overarching trend of innovation in 3rd Platform technologies, forming inflection points that drive new opportunities and cause emerging markets to flourish. Arising from that, however, are growing security threats that create new, sophisticated challenges around privacy and data custodianship.

These trends form our top 10 predictions for the Australian ICT market for 2015, which are:
1. Privacy and Data Custodianship Will Become Boardroom Discussion
2. 2015 Will Be the Advent of the Contextualised Customer
3. Telcos Will Join the Big Data Battle
4. Mobile Payments Will Reach a Tipping Point, Ushering in a Cashless Era
5. Wearables Will Drive Growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem
6. Content Availability Will Drive Ultrahigh Definition (4K) Displays Market
7. Hybrid IT Environments Will Redefine Enterprise Service Quality Expectations
8. OpenStack Will Emerge as a Viable Cloud Platform in the Region
9. The Software-Defined Datacentre Will Rise as a Viable Alternative for the Enterprise
10. The Maturing of Hybrid Cloud Will Drive New Datacentre Workloads”

For the full report click here