The Market for IT Services companies

The market for Australian IT Services M&A remains buoyant as we head towards FY16.
Demand remains strong at all scale levels — but the dynamics and players change considerably. Read More

Innovation in Payments

The payments space has been abuzz with innovations of various kinds over the past few years. While there have been many new ventures seeking to carve out a share of the banks business there has been little sign to date of dramatic shifts in behaviour, with the exception of what seems to be the coming of age of NFC payments. Read More

Divesting for Growth

For every organisation prioritising the allocation of resources is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes a review of assets indicates that not only could that asset be worth more in another business but that the resources released can generate greater growth and value when redirected to other initiatives.
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Opportunities in eCommerce for traditional retailers

The retailing landscape is changing rapidly, challenged by the new online retailing environment and the need to deliver competitive, convenient offerings to consumers who increasingly expect to be able to engage in the buying process in ways that suit their time-constrained lifestyle.
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Thinking about selling ?

So it’s time to sell or maybe to bring on a strategic partner. There are many issues to consider and more than a few decisions to contemplate. Being prepared for the possibility ahead of time is crucial. Read More

Looking for an advisor

The decision to sell your business, select a strategic partner or seek additional capital not only requires dedication to an intensive process on top of your ordinary management responsibilities but the support of an independent party who can guide and manage that process. What should form part of that consideration?
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Preparing for due diligence

The decision to sell a business is not an easy one. However, the process required to ensure an optimal outcome is often lengthy, always detailed and invariably demanding on a company and its people. Potential acquirers need to be managed through a due diligence process which, depending on the entity and its level of preparedness, can place significant demands on the organisation.

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Deciding on Funding Options for Growth

How do you deal with your company’s need for cash as you grow?
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